Ultra Warrior Morgana swoops down on Robo-Mob, seconds before the conglomeration of little machines can tap into the volcano beneath them and unleash an otherworldly fire storm...

Saga of a Dying World is an action-packed board game built on a unique set of rules created by James Mapes, with colorful and lively art by Emily Block.

Take control of one of the colorful characters and do battle with your opponents across a world that's tearing itself apart. Plan your strategy and stick to it as the ground underneath you shifts, or take advantage of another player's sudden move to devastate them with a quick attack. Take your turn, defeat your opponents, and touch the all-powerful Omega-Nova!

In 2016, Fly Paper Games successfully kickstarted Saga of a Dying World. The full game was sent to backers on schedule in August 2017. While it was printed as a limited run, we do have a few to sell! Contact us at if you're interested.


Tutorial Videos for the release version can be found here:

Part 1: The Components

Part 2: Set-up and Turn Order

Part 3: Example Game

A download link to The Manual

Thanks to all of our backers, testers, manufacturers, and helpers.