Update to ring out 2016

Hello all!

Obviously, the Kickstarter Campaign was successful - wildly so, even. Emily and I have been doing a ton of work on the art, the balance, and coordinating the best-possible printing of the game.

So why the radio silence on this blog?

To collapse a longer story down into a shorter one, I was contacted just after the campaign by another gaming company who had some very understandable trademark concerns. To honor their intellectual property, I've changed the name of the game to Saga of a Dying World.

As this blog has talked about in the past, this whole process is about learning the steps it requires to make a game, and these trademark issues are another part of that. I'm incredibly thankful that this learning process hasn't involved lawyers or courts; just reasonable conversation. And now, I've learned more about the industry, more about the research that I need to do, and more about trademark concerns in general. More than that, though, I've learned something about myself: I can't be an optimist or fall into wishful thinking when it comes to something that could spell doom for my games. If I had held myself to greater scrutiny instead of settling on a name I thought was cool, I could have avoided the switch.

It seems good to note that it is not possible to scrub the internet of the previous name - Kickstarter, in particular, doesn't let me alter the campaign after it was launched (and concluded). Older entries to this blog, for example, will remain as they are: time capsules to a different era of the game. 

So, with that, let us move onwards into 2017. I'll have regular updates with new art, characters, gameplay details, and progress coming soon! Forward!