Welcome to the Fly Paper of Record!

Fly Paper Games is dedicated to two things: 1. fun, and 2. awesome, and that's it for mission statements. In the days to come, I'll be making entries in this blog to chronicle the creation, testing, and release of Fly Paper Games' first board game, Rift: Saga of a Dying World.

As I'm writing this, Rift has been in development for at least two years. The very first incarnation was just a set of rules called "Immortal Ninja Game", made to simulate a complex duel between two sword fighters. That version was completely terrible, and the idea that would become Rift was shelved for a long time.

I'll spend a lot of time in future entries talking about the winding path that led me to what Rift is now: a fast-paced, strategic arena combat game, built around a small footprint and colorful characters. In particular, I'm looking forward to delving into the different versions of the game that we've passed through, and the inspirations and testing that led to each big change (and there have been many of them). In the process, I hope I can give a little inspiration and guidance (by example) to other game designers and creative people. 

As we go forward, I'll be talking about the process leading up to our kickstarter and - hopefully - beyond, as Emily finishes the art, I finish the final tweaks to the design, get into the nitty-gritty graphic design, and finally as we find a home for every copy of Rift that we can afford to print.

Thanks to everyone who's helped us test the game, and everyone who's encouraged us on this project. And thank you for reading!