I am excited.

The Kickstarter campaign launches tomorrow, in the sense that I will be the one clicking the button and launching the campaign. So that's awesome.


I am excited.


In the post below, I talk in great detail about why I chose to do a Kickstarter campaign, but in this moment I think I can narrow it down: it is exciting. It's exciting for me to do, and I hope it's exciting for other people to participate in - and that adds up to a fun thing to do.

I spent the day revising copy on this website, editing the manual, and redrafting cards and map tiles to make a cleaner set of PDFs for the Print-to-Play version (available here, if you're curious). Tomorrow has its own list of things to do.

But for the first time in a week, I think that I have some spare time. I have time tomorrow to review everything before I click The Button, and more time scheduled out for a first round of contact.

So I'm going to relax, and leave the excitement for tomorrow. Happy pre-launch, world.